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As general practitioners we are at your service to support you regarding all of your health issues. We aim to solve all your medical matters in our office but if needed do not hesitate to refer you to a specialist. In especially serious cases we coordinate your hospital admittance.

We are specialized to be your partner for all acute and chronic diseases and to support you in every stage of life. Therefore it is important to collect a referral slip in our office prior to consulting a specialist. Even if the visit of i.e. an eye-doctor may seem a banality to you. This is the only way we can ensure, that we are up to date on all your diagnostic and therapeutic progresses.

As your family doctor we are the key element for keeping a comprehensive overview of your case history. Our office aims at converging all health information.

Our office offers the complete range of a General Practitioners (GP) care such as blood analysis, vaccinations, medical check-ups, rehabilitation requests, mother-child-cliniques, DMP (Disease Management Programms, i.e. Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, Coronary Heart Disease), surgery preparation, modern wound care and in severe cases also house calls.

Safeguarding and protecting you health is a matter of special importance to us. We believe in prevention and aim to identify health risk factors (concerning i.e. cardiovascular diseases) through regular medical check-ups. We therefore advise our patients to make use of the following medical services covered by your insurance:

  • Check-Up 35: preventive healthcare from the 35th year of life (yearly-biennial)
  • Skin cancer screening from the 35th year of life (biennial)
  • Early cancer Check-Up for men from the 45th year of life (yearly)
  • Vaccinations
  • Fecal occult blood testing (Hemofec) from the 50th year of life (yearly)
Chiropractic therapy deals with reversible functional disorders of the postural and musculoskeletal system. The name of the therapy originated from the greek word hand (cheir) and is applied through various manual diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

Your treating physician Dr. med. Richard Werringloer is an experienced chiropractor and will gladly advise you personally.
„Medicus curat, natura sanat“ („The doctors cures, nature heals.“)

Naturopathy & conventional medicine both are based on experience. We strive to combine essential aspects of conventional medicine, empirical medicine and naturopathy linking the most up-to-date scientific knowledge with the knowledge pertaining to traditional natural treatment. In our opinion empirical medicine and naturopathy are an integral component of medical conduct.
Acupuncture is an ancient chinese therapy thats dates back 2.500 years. It is practiced according to the rules of traditional chinese medicine that is based on the premise that there are patterns of energy flow (Qi) through the body that are essentially linked to health. Acupuncture points are located along meridians where the vital energy known as Qi flows, with it’s parts Yin and Yang.

Both Dr. med. Gunver Werringloer and Dr. med. Richard Werringloer have successfully completed their Acupuncture-B-Diploma (35 courses, 350 hours, written and oral examination) according to the rules of NIDM. In ordert to further develop and strengthen their competences both have attended an advanced training in Beijing/China and are members of the German Association for Acupuncture (DÄGfA e.V.).

We offer Laser Acupuncture for children and people with a deep rooted fear of needles. No needles – no pain. This is essentially what laser acupuncture is about and is generally comparable to needle acupuncture in all its aspects.
Having begun a certain sport, it can be wise to undergo a regular sports medicine examination, in order to prevent dysfuntions through diagnosing them early. It is equally advisalbe to undergo a medical examination before taking up a new type of sport. This sports medicine checkup is meant to inform you of your personal risks.

Dr. Gunver Werringloer is a member of the DGSP e.V. (German Association for Sports Medicine). She will gladly advise you with your individual issues.
Homeopathy is an experience based treatment method developed by Samuel Hahnemann at the end of the 18th century. It aims at viewing the human as a holistic being with consideration not only of the symptoms he presents but all of his personal aspects. In 50 years of research Hahnemann discovered that „Similia slimilibus curentur“ - „Likes are cured by likes“. Up to nowadays Homeopathy is a priceless therapy form and can be used with acute and chronic diseases.
A healthy diet creates the basis for a healthy life. Food offers both pleasure and enjoyment in life. Nutrition helps us to remain fit and healthy for the future. Malnutrition can lead to diseases as well as other health conditions.

Dr. Gunver Werringloer is a member of the DGEM e.V. (German Association for Nutritional Medicine) and certified in nutritional sciences. She will gladly advise you with your individual nutritional issues.
Bioresonance-Therapy is a regulative therapy method from the domain of natural therapy. It is a method of diagnosis and therapy with which a whole variety of health-problems can be alleviated and cured. It’s aim is an unhindered „cell-communication“ so that the self-healing process can unfold itself.

We will gladly advise you, if your health problem can be treated with the Bioresonance-Therapy.
Biolifting according to the method of Prof. Rothschild means regeneration from the inside and outside. The reactivation of cellular performance improves the regulation and regeneration of the skin and slows the process of aging.

Dr. Margarete Werringloer will gladly give you personal advice.

With Microwavetherapy painful ailments of the locomotor sightseer can be treated. The painful areas of the body are warmed in the depth of the tissues.

Anthroposophic medicine gives a widened perspective to scientific medicine. It is an excellent complementation to so called „school medicine“ and offers a holistic approach of understanding the interplay of body, soul and spirit and offering therapeutic treatment.