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Personal and social commitment is important to all of us.

We have had a great amount of luck and happiness in our lives. We were granted the gift of learning and could experience many different things and therefore would like to give back to people who were not as lucky in life as we are.

We all do this in different ways.


gunver werringloerDr. Gunver Werringloer donates her time and knowledge to the poorest of the poor in disaster areas worldwide. She is a member of the board of Projekt Burma e.V. and an active humanitarian aid worker for several NGO’s. In her free time she educates medical disaster relief workers ( Due to her great interest for different cultures she is a certified trainer for intercultural competencies and also is involved in the care for refugees in Germany.

richard werringloerDr. Richard Werringloer is a certified trainer for positve psychotherapy and greatly involved in the education of foreign students. On a regular base he trains young and old at the University of Addis Abeba or in cities like Kathmandu.

werringloer mDr. Margarete Werringloer – as a board member – is very involved in the work of the charitable organisation Lebenshilfe e.V. in Herrenberg and supports the Karl-Schubert-Workshops in Filderstadt.